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Well, it' a quick update post.

Google Assistance which was introduced by Mr. Sunder Pitchai, CEO of Google, at the last I/O Keynote is now available for every phone which is running Android M or Android N.

At the time of release Google Assistance was only available for Google Pixel phones but now it is publicly available.

Now you can do stuff like booking tickets to the nearest movie theater or any sort of reminder just by your voice. I mean it is really helpful because imagine you are in a room and your son or daughter ( I am not a sexist) spilt water on the floor and now to are cleaning the floor and your hands are wet and suddenly you remember you haven't ordered the pizza and it's time to close the pizza shop and you have no time to wash your hand and then call and unfortunately your phone  is not water-resistant. In this type of situation, you will remember that your phone has Google Assistance in it. So, you take help of it and call the pizza guy or girl (as I told I am not a sexist) and order you favorite cheese pizza.

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Yes, Google assistant is a great service that makes our busy life easy. Thanks for sharing.