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How to get more likes in my picture in Facebook?

This is the question of many of the Facebook users. So, as everyone says that every problem has a solution, I also came up with a real solution. So, Facebook users read the post carefully.

There are some methods which you follow then you can make huge number of likes in your picture. 

There are some Natural ways and some Un-Natural ways.

But I am going to stick to Natural ways because I like real likes not fake ones.

The methods are: 


Tagging is a simple way to get natural likes. When you tag a picture to you friend the picture will be shown in his/her timeline, that means, anyone along with him/her visiting his/her timeline will be able to see the picture and there will be a possibility that he/she will like your picture. Tagging is really helpful in getting LIKES because the person who is being tagged in a picture will be notified when someone else likes or comments on that picture. So, there will be greater possibility that the person who is being tagged in the picture will see the notification and will also LIKE the picture, resulting in increasing the number of likes in your picture.


You absolutely don't want to tag all your friends in the same picture, but you want likes from everyone of them. There is a method called re-tagging. This method works something like this, at first tag some friends then remove the tags after 2-3 days and again tag some other friends. Continue this process as much as you want. If you have 1000 friends then by using this method you can make 500 Likes or more.


Posting often increases your visibility, making it less possible for your post to be overlooked or skimmed over. If you become popular by posting pictures/videos everyday then more people will actually pay attention to what you're posting and they may stop by and give a like.

NOTE: Posting too often will just clog up people's feeds and they'll become tired of it.


The people living in the globe are lazy and the people who are online are more lazy. So, if you want people to take notice of what you post then keep it short and simple. If you can express your message in a short and sweet way then the possibility of getting more likes will increase.


This is a give and take policy. As many people's posts you like the percentage of LIKES in your post will increase. Directly or indirectly the person will get in touch with your post as you have liked his/her post. Basically this may increase the bond between two people and the chance of getting LIKE will also increase.


The best time to post is when most of your friends are online. You should post everyday in a particular time so that your friends can know when you are posting something. But if you don't know when to post a picture then you can use this chart.

(Chart from Hub Spot)

  • Saturday and Sunday : 12:00-1:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday : 3:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday and Friday : 1:00-4:00 p.m.


So these were some methods using which you can increase you LIKE count. If this article helped you, you can help more people by sharing this article. If you think I missed a point or i should edit a point then don't hesitate to comment. Well that's it for this one. Thank you for reading!


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zaid osman
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Dhritiman Roy thnx for this great knowledge and I am sure that u will become a big person just like me.....