The iPhone 7 went very very popular before it's release. It was released on September 7, 2016 by Apple. The new device does not gives many changes but it gives significant ones. In the article we will be talking about the significant changes put up by Apple, like the improved camera, better and dual speakers, hardware and software, and the removal of the headphone jack.

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A significant change in the iPhone 7 is the camera quality. The 12mp rear and 7mp front camera can take sharp and low light images making the iPhone 7 better than the last version in the aspect of camera. If you are a photographer or love to capture every moment in your life then you can go for the iPhone 7S plus.

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The design of the new iPhone 7 has not changed much. But now you can get it in five different colours(Jet Black, Black, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver). The new Black or the Matte Black is really attracting everyone's' attention, while the Jet Black(the Glossy one) is a finger print magnet.

Another noticeable thing in the iPhone 7 is the water resistance capability of the new model. Well it is the first iPhone by Apple which is water resistance. So, now you can take a short dip into the pool without fearing of damaging the phone.

The last version of the iPhone had a pressure home button but the latest one gives vibration due to pressure and touch. Well, it may take old iPhone users to get adapted to this new change.


If you like to watch movies or play games with friends without the use of headphones then iPhone 7 is a good choice because it has two loud speakers.

Well when I am talking about sound then I should also remind you that there is no headphone 3.5mm jack in iPhone 7. Well if you use headphones for your daily use then there are three options for you:
1. Use the Lightning-to-3.5mm dongle.
2. Bluetooth speakers.
3. Apple AirPods.

Well you can't deny the fact that Apple has improved in the case of sound quality. The iPhone 7 definitely gives better sound quality than the earlier versions.


The software or the brain inside the iPhone 7 is the iOS 10, and it's wonderful. You get a new version of Siri. You also get better integration with smart home devices, a much-improved Control Center, better Music and News apps, and a ton of other new features.


So, in the END I will say that Apple iphone 7 is a great phone. If you have big pocket then you should go for the latest one(i.e. iPhone 7 till now :)).


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