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At first I would like to introduce the game, but I think it is not necessary because most of the readers knows or plays Candy Crush. Whatever, Candy Crush is a game made by King, where a player has to match 3 or more similar candies. If you match 3 candies in a series i.e. in a line, vertically or horizontally, then the candies will burst and you will score points. If you match more than 3 candies in some particular pattern then you will get special moves or you can tell special candies, which can gift you with more points.

There are many obstacles in the game which a player has to cross to complete a level, like a player has to reach the given score or clear all the jelly or collect all the fruits and many more. If they can't they lose a life. 

That's all about the game. I mean almost.

Now, why is it so addictive?


Like many other famous games, Candy Crush knows how to attract people. There is a simple trick. Candy Crush offers many prizes or you can tell gifts regularly, and for getting those gifts you have to play Candy Crush daily. With this they earn a lot of money. They earn$633,000 per day in the US section of the iOS App Store alone. They earn so much because if players play Candy Crush daily then there is a probability that some of them will purchase something from the game. 

This is a simple trick used by many famous games in this world. With this trick Candy Crush attracts many people towards it.


A player can connect Candy Crush to his/her Facebook account. This opens a huge opportunity for Candy Crush as well as the player. The player can request for lives to his/her friends and due to this Candy Crush favorable things.
  1.  The player who gives a life to the player who request's for it has to open Candy Crush for that.
  2. As these type of requests are found in the notification inside Facebook, this notifies the player to open and play Candy Crush. This works like a remainder. The only difference is that, here the remainder is Candy Crush not our phone.
NOTE: Apart from connecting to Facebook, a player may also connect through a Candy Crush (King) account.


Thanks to the advanced technology and great designers. Candy Crush is played by many just because of its design and animation. They are not very perfect but they are really good and attracting. The designers have done a great deal of work. The design and animations are really really innovative.

The makers of Candy Crush also did a great thing by adding characters to it. People love a "thing" when they find something similar to their everyday life in that "thing". Also the concept of putting the candies in Candy Crush is amazing from my point of view, because a lot of children love to with the things that they eat.


Candy Crush is not limited to children only. Even the adults have also got addicted. Like any other game, as you move to higher levels the difficulty also increases making the game more challenging. This type of brain challenges attract a huge crowed of adults. A huge number of the population loves to solve puzzle. When a player completes the puzzle he/she feels something like winning the last iPhone in 50% discount.


Some games becomes more famous because they are already famous. This happens something like this, we start talking about a famous game with our friends, someone else hears that and he also starts talking about the famous game with his friends and this process continues. This is like the case in Candy Crush.Ok, here I would like to end this post. If you found this post useful and entertaining then please share this with you friends and family members. If I missed any point then please comment it down below.THANK YOU!  



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Droy what a boy very notty boy.Good man and it's very impresive as I am a game programmer and keep posting.

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Zaid Thanks for your feedback.