The significant eye catching chances in the new version of the old so called beast are the slimmer body and the invention of a new Alienware logo. This post will be all about this along with further brief information on the specs.

The new beast is now in a diet because it has now become slimmer. The moving of the screen hinge a couple of inches forward to make room for fan exhaust vents in the rear is held responsible for the slim body.

The other eye catching change is the formation of a new Alienware logo also the Alienware name is now written in a lighter font for a more modern look. When the body is slim why shouldn't the head be? So, the iconic alien head is also streamlined a bit more.

The Alienware is also one of the smallest virtual reality-ready systems available. Thanks to the Nvidia's new GeForce 1060 graphics card.

The Alienware 13's optional OLED display continues to offer the most vibrant output of any laptop on the market. The colour on the 13.3-inch touch panel is glorious to behold.

The audio quality is also better in the new Alienware. The company revamped the speaker design. Due to this the side-mounted speakers delivered audio that was more than loud enough to fill the room.

When your fingers touch the keyboard of the Alienware it travels a distance of 1.8 millimeters to give a bouncy feel which is helpful for faster typing.

At last PERFORMANCE. The Alienware is filled up with a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor with 16GB of RAM. So, it performes well and you can have a enjoyable time gaming in it.


So, this was my brief review of the latest Alienware. If you have any questions just comment it down below. If you liked this post the SHARE it to your gaming guys and at last SUBSCRIBE for new articles.

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